OpenMinds article

I made a contribution to an article in the July edition of the OU Alumni Magazine OpenMinds (pp. 16-18). The article is called ‘The Evolution of English’ and it was compiled by a journalist from interviews with 6 ‘experts’ of which I was one(!)  See  or download the article.


Our CNL paper accepted

We’ve just had a paper accepted for the 4th Controlled Natural Language Workshop in Galway, Ireland in August. The paper describes a user study of people using a new tool for creating and editing OWL ontologies in OWL Simplified English. We asked some OWL experts and non-experts to create a small ontology from knowledge contained in part of a Simple Wikipedia article. The task was very hard because some of the information could not be represented in OWL so that, in addition to figuring out how to represent information, participants also had to be selective in their choice of what to represent.

20 submissions for PITR 2014 !

We’re delighted to have received 20 submissions for our PITR 2014 workshop at EACL; especially so soon after the 2nd PITR.  The submissions are on a wider range of topics this year: readability of medical text, systems aimed at people with reading difficulties, system evaluation, new methods, and more. Hopefully, our reviewers will judge enough of these to be of sufficient quality and novelty for the workshop.

Hedges and Rounding article

Today we received apologies from Benjamins; they’ve promised to update the electronic version. I’m pleased!

The errors occurred because the editor of Pragmatics and Cognition insists on authors submitting articles in pdf format which he then converts to Word format. Obviously, this mangles the tables, formulae, on so on. Apparently, Benjamins would have been happy to accept LaTeX format which is what we had produced originally. If only the editor had allowed us to the submit the LaTex!

Our Pragmatics & Cognition article

Today, I received a copy of Pragmatics & Cognition, Vol 21, No. 1 containing our article ‘Hedging and Rounding in Numerical Expressions’. Unfortunately, Benjamins  hadn’t made the corrections we’d requested to Table 4, on p. 207. This table is out-of-line! I was so disappointed when I saw it. It is supposed to look like this.